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Brand Styles

Yellofruit is a trademark in use in Canada and the United States with pending registrations in other countries.   It's really important for us to protect our brand, styles, assets, imagery, product forumlations and other intellectual property.   If you have any questions about usage, permissions, or some special circumstances where our brand may appear with other brands, please reach out.  Intellectual Property Team - Froba Products Ltd.


Primary Logo

White Background

Primary Usage


Safety Area (circle diameter from the O at each gutter)


Monochrome Logo

Usage for 1-Colour Prints

like T-Shirts or Event Tables

Knockout Logo with 1-colour Banana Icon 'r'

For use on single-colour dark palette.

yellofruit_LOGOS_FULL CLR-B-icon.png

Full Colour Icon

Monochrome Icon

1-colour Icon


Strawberry Character Icon

Monty's Favourite Strawberry



Mango Character Icon

Holly's Favourite Mango


Cocoa Pod Character Icon

Eddy's Favourite Chocolate

Some basic guidelines:


  • Do run your designs by Froba Products for a review whenever possible.  We want everything to look great

  • Do use high-resolution whenever possible. Use vector when you can. Use hi-res transparent PNG if you have to.

  • Do try to match colours, use PMS where applicable, avoid substitutions

  • Do use the primary logo whenever you can

  • Do use the master brand (Yellofruit and the yellow palette colours) whenever possible, and a flavour when required.

  • Add Yellofruit to your dictionary in your computer and phone so you'll never have an 'auto-correct' issue.


  • Never distort the logo in any direction or turn the logo.  Always maintain the aspect ratio from the official assets.

  • Never translate the logo.  It's not two words Yellow Fruit...  It's Yellofruit (one registered trademark) and cannot be translated to another western language.

  • Avoid making the icon a different colour than what's specified.  

  • Avoid a lock-up with the icon next to the Yellofruit wordmark.  There is a banana in the wordmark already.

  • Avoid adding drop-shadows, glows, sparkles, or other visual effects to any assets.  They are beautiful already.  We like flat.

  • Avoid using the logo in a sentence.  For written content, simply use Yellofruit.

  • Avoid putting the logo on disposable cups, or food like cakes.  It should always remain intact. Put litter in its place.

  • Avoid putting the logo on the floor where someone will walk on it.  For floor decals, use product shots and arrows, not logos.

  • Avoid animating the wordmark logo as individual components, and instead, use the entire asset if required

  • Avoid shortening the flavour names to anything other than Strawberry, Chocolate, or Mango.  Never "Monty's Strawberry" as it's not possessive.  Think of it like: of all of the strawberry options, this was Monty's Favourite Strawberry.   It's not his strawberry (the fruit) or his strawberry (the flavour of Yellofruit).  It's acceptable to use 'Yellofruit Strawberry' as a way to refer to that product variety, however that flavour may be available in multiple pack sizes, so when referring to a specific SKU, use additional information.  E.g. Yellofruit Strawberry 500mL

  • Avoid using a character icon (strawberry, mango, cocoa pod) without also using the Yellofruit wordmark in the same design.  

Yellofruit Colour Pallette.png
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