For Kids!

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Download this free PDF template so your kids or grand kids or students can create their own Yellofruit flavour. 

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We'll do a draw for each of the promotional periods (eg. Halloween, Holiday, Valentines, etc) and send the winner something special.  Different every time.  Stickers, Art supplies, maybe a gift card for some Yellofruit?  It'll be up to us.   

You can submit as many of your kids' creations as you want, as long as they're different.  We reserve the right to publish or not publish anything we want.  You grant us permission to use anything submitted however we want.    

For Kids!

Finally we found something that everyone in the family can eat, without worrying about dairy, peanuts, or other things getting in the way of the fun!"

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Claire, Holly, Eddy, & Monty

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