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Request a Freebruary BOGO Coupon

Since we can't easily send you a free spoonful of Yellofruit...

Complete the form below to get a BOGO coupon for Yellofruit.  Yellofruit is a Canadian-made frozen dessert like ice cream, but made without Dairy, Soy, Eggs, GMOs, Peanuts or artificial ingredients.  Yellofruit is made from Organic Plant-based ingredients, with BANANA as the main ingredient for a smooth, delicious, fruity dessert unlike anything you've had before.

Available from Feb 1-28, 2022 - While supplies Last.  

Coupon Valid across Canada. One coupon per household. 

Freebruary Coupon Request

Due to Covid-19 and other factors, there may be delays in transit. We thank you for your patience.

Thanks for requesting a coupon. Remember, it's just ONE per household. Please tell your friends and extended family to join in the fun.

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