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We'd love your help!

Are you an Instagram, Youtube, or Tik Tok Influencer with a following over 1000?

Shipping frozen food isn't exactly the easiest or most cost-effective thing to do. Especially since everyone goes to the grocery store anyway! 

We would love to reimburse you 100% for one pint of each flavour of Yellofruit (Mango, Strawberry, & Chocolate) so you can try it with your family or friends, give your honest opinion, and share with others on social media.

If you're interested and qualify, please email your collaboration ideas to us for approval to proceed:

We're most interested in creators who share about:

  • Food, Cooking, and Recipes

  • Plant-based and Vegan

  • Family, Kids, Snacking, Indulgence

But if that isn't exactly what you do, let us know how your style can help us reach your fans and help our business.


If you would like a personalized discount code for your fans to use on our eCommerce site (within our Toronto & Area delivery zone) we can do that.  We'll give you $5 for each order attributed to your code within calendar year 2021, plus your fans can save $5 when they use the code.  Some restrictions apply.  Here's the shop page


Andrew & Claire


Terms and Conditions

  • We reserve the right to deny any request for any reason. 

  • Unless otherwise stated in a signed contract, our obligation may not exceed three pints of Yellofruit.

  • As we have no editorial control, we consider this program gifting, and not paid advertising. 

  • The opinions of those sharing remain their own, and do not reflect those of our company.

  • Reimbursement will be via eTransfer, to Canada only, after submitting a valid grocery receipt by email.

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