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Yellofruit™ is a non-dairy frozen banana dessert unlike anything else on the market. It’s not icy like conventional all-fruit or sorbet desserts, and not chalky or dry like some nut milk or coconut products. It’s creamy without the cream, loaded with fruit and flavour. Using organic, non-GMO, plant-based ingredients, Yellofruit is made in a peanut-free facility in Ontario, Canada.

Yellofruit is a family business built on the premise of feeding kids delicious food that is a little better for them and the planet. It was conceived around founders Andrew Kinnear and Claire Lysnes’ dining room table as something that, first and foremost, tasted great and scooped like ice cream. Their three kids each have a favourite flavour and love to ask for it by name, whether that's Monty's Favourite Strawberry™, Holly's Favourite Mango™ or Eddy's Favourite Chocolate™.

Officially launched in April, 2019, Yellofruit will be available in close to 600 stores by summer 2019, and is currently available in over 100 stores.   Find a store using our store locator

A History of Yellofruit

Late 2015:

Looking for a healthier alternative to traditional ice cream for their twin toddlers, Yellofruit founders Andrew Kinnear and Claire Lysnes experiment with making banana ice cream in the food processor at home.


Fall 2016:

The idea of turning their kids’ healthy dessert into a product and business is discussed over dinner one evening. “We wanted something that the kids would love eating and that would be a legacy for them if we were successful. In Hindsight, a granola bar would have been a lot simpler,” says Kinnear.


Early 2017:

Kinnear and Lysnes start researching what’s involved in manufacturing non-dairy desserts. They enlist the help of friends and former colleagues to support product development.


Summer 2017:

Froba Products Ltd. is born. (Well, it was officially incorporated.)


Late 2017:

Andrew enrolls in the Ice Cream Technology course taught by Dr. Doug Goff at the University of Guelph. Why? To learn how ice cream is made, of course, so he can figure out how to make his product taste just as creamy and delicious  as traditional ice cream.


Early 2018:

Andrew works with the University of Guelph’s Food Innovation Centre to produce samples of what would eventually become Yellofruit.


Summer 2018:

The final formulas for the mango, strawberry and chocolate flavours were achieved...after lots of experiments, challenges and a few failures. Each of Kinnear and Lysnes three kids choose their favourite—and thank goodness, each has a different favourite. The flavours are then named after the kids: Monty's Favourite Strawberry™, Holly's Favourite Mango™ or Eddy's Favourite Chocolate™.


Fall 2018:

Yellofruit is chosen as the name for Froba’s non-dairy frozen banana dessert. Kinnear says, “Bananas are the world’s most popular fruit. The combination of “Yellofruit” and the logo with the banana icon, it’s easy for people to understand what we’re selling—or at least that it’s made from bananas.”


With its new name, Yellofruit is taken to grocery and food exhibitions and is introduced to buyers from many major grocery chains in Canada.


Winter 2018/2019:

Kinnear starts selling...hard. Yellofruit is marketed to major grocery store chains and independent stores across the Greater Toronto Area and nation-wide.


March 2019:

Yellofruit is listed with close to 600 stores for summer 2019. AND the first round of production is completed at scale. After over a year of discussion, evaluation, testing, ingredient sourcing and a pretty big test, all three flavours are produced and a truck is filled for Yellofruit’s official launch in April of 2019.

Summer 2019:

Yellofruit continues to add retailers, spends the summer exploring Ontario with the world's only Banana Car, and grows into the convenience channel in Toronto.

Fall 2019:

Yellofruit exhibits at MomTO, sponsors the eOne TIFF party for Hollywood's Hottest stars​, exhibits at the CHFA show and the Great Northern Exhibition.  We launch West in October 2019 with Federated Coop, and then Real Canadian Superstore in November, finishing the year at over 800 stores across Canada.


Spring 2020:

More and more retailers come on board, the latest being Longos Markets in Ontario and many independent grocers.  Plans for US export are well underway, although this is a complex next step for the team! 

What’s Next for Yellofruit?

More flavours! Expect more Yellofruit frozen banana dessert options in 2020 and 2021. More sizes! There may be some single portion sizes coming at you next year, too. Beyond that, new product offerings are still a secret. But, they will always be organic and banana-based. You can count on that.


Andrew Kinnear is the co-founder of Froba Products Ltd., makers of the iconic Yellofruit non-dairy frozen banana dessert.  Andrew's background is in marketing, technology, loyalty, and payments, where he previously had a successful career with both multi-nationals and local startups.  His passion is the intersection of product and experience.

Since 2017, Andrew has led the sales and marketing efforts for the business, while managing product and brand development, manufacturing, operations, and finance.  He's the father of Monty, Eddy, and Holly-- inspiration and namesakes of the first three products released by Yellofruit, and lives in Toronto with his partner Claire Lysnes.  

Claire Lysnes is the co-founder of Froba Products Ltd.  She is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and holds a Masters of Information Science from the University of Toronto, and a Bachelors of Applied Science in Child Studies from the University of Guelph.  

Claire spent most of her career in increasingly senior roles at PwC in Knowledge Management and Marketing before leaving to raise Monty, Eddy, and Holly. She is an advisor and critical decision maker for the business. Claire lives in Toronto with her partner and co-founder Andrew Kinnear.

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  • Avoid putting the logo on the floor where someone will walk on it.  For floor decals, use product shots and arrows, not logos.

  • Avoid animating the wordmark logo as individual components, and instead, use the entire asset if required

  • Avoid shortening the flavour names to anything other than Strawberry, Chocolate, or Mango.  Never "Monty's Strawberry" as it's not possessive.  Think of it like: of all of the strawberry options, this was Monty's Favourite Strawberry.   It's not his strawberry (the fruit) or his strawberry (the flavour of Yellofruit).  It's acceptable to use 'Yellofruit Strawberry' as a way to refer to that product variety, however that flavour may be available in multiple pack sizes, so when referring to a specific SKU, use additional information.  E.g. Yellofruit Strawberry 500mL

  • Avoid using a character icon (strawberry, mango, cocoa pod) without also using the Yellofruit wordmark in the same design. 


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