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April 17, 2019

Ontario Frozen Dessert Startup Yellofruit™ Named to SIAL Food Innovation Top 10

SIAL International Food Industry Show Launches April 30 at Enercare Centre, Toronto

(Toronto)—Froba Products Ltd.’s Yellofruit™, a non-dairy frozen banana-based dessert, has been named a Food Innovation Top 10 product finalist in Toronto’s prestigious SIAL international food show, launching Apri...

From great design to talented designers, and from concept to construct, packaging design is a specialized field.  We were lucky to find some very talented people to work on our project and take us from computer files all the way through to pallets of boxes of cups and lids.  

What you'll see in this video is:

-Design and Image editing

-Printing, Colour Matching, Ink mixing

-Die Cutting


-Cup Form...

Yellofruit brand non-dairy frozen banana dessert has been chosen as an official INNOVATION SELECTION for the 2019 SIAL CANADA show.

The product will be evaluated by a Grand Jury on April 9th prior to the SIAL show April 30-May 2.

Come visit Yellofruit at SIAL in Booth 2145.

What is Yellofruit?!

Ever made homemade ice cream with frozen bananas? Think of Yellofruit like that - but better!

Yellofruit is a frozen dessert made with organic bananas as the first ingredient. Because bananas are naturally sweet and offer a rich texture, they provide the perfect foundation for a sweet treat. Yellofruit’s not icy like a sorbet, or chalky like some nut milk alternatives but rather, it’s a fl...

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Yellofruit will be available in the USA in 2020

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