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Introducing the Plant-Based Foods Club Program

Are you:

  • A high school student in Ontario?

  • Connected to people in your school in different groups, clubs, extra-curriculars and communities?

  • Looking to connect with a network of like-minded, motivated students across the country to help your school make positive changes to climate, equality, health and more--- through the food we eat?

If this sounds like you, keep scrolling!

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Program Overview

Start a club at your school and we'll help you get your message out!

Ever notice how the Dairy Farmers of Canada manage to get their posters up all over school, and talk about how cool drinking milk is?  Weird, right?  That's because they are a massive lobbying group and they influence governments.  But you can too!

Whether you're focused on climate issues, equality, animal rights, human food-science and health, or some combination of those, plant-based foods are a way to get people to be interested in your cause, talk about tough issues, and join you in your fight.

We want to help!

You can apply for a sponsorship grant from us to support a specific program or project you have in mind, or to raise awareness of a specific issue. See the form below.


  • Work collaboratively with your team to create a unique marketing strategy to increase awareness of plant-based foods at your school

  • Engage fellow students, staff advisors and your school administration to keep everything 'following the rules' and get support and tips from them on how best to work within your system.

  • Be an ambassador for plant-based foods and a change in mindset from traditional dairy messaging while following the Canada Food Guide where applicable.  Use science and studies and data to back up your ideas.

  • Educate students and staff in a way that you're comfortable with

  • Find and recruit the people in your school who would benefit from being in your PBFC-  Vegans, people with allergies to dairy or eggs, supporters of the fight for our climate, animal activist-types.  Anyone you think can help share the right messages to the school.


  • Full-time Student at an Ontario Secondary School 

  • Be in good academic standing at your school

  • Active participant in groups, clubs, organizations, or teams

  • Ability to work independently and in a team

  • Highly motivated, enthusiastic, outgoing

  • Since you're probably under 18, please make sure your parents or guardians are on board with your plan

The Perks


Jumpstart your Career

Build your resume with experience building and executing plans in a high-growth category


Invite-Only Events

Both virtual and in-person events during your time with the program


Exclusive Swag

Branded merch to show your brand love on Campus or in your video classes.


Expand Your Network

Connect and work directly with other like-minded, students across the province.


Letters of Recommendation

Potential for Letters, referrals, and other networking benefits from our team of mentors


Mentorship Opportunities

Opportunities to work with, learn from, and benefit from the knowledge of senior business leaders  

Meet the Mentors


Claire Lysnes 

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

PwC, Yellofruit


Arashdeep Singh

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Coca-Cola, Ubuntoo


Terry Mathews

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Walmart, HBC, Loblaws, Sobeys, Air Miles, Canadian Tire

luke pollard.png

Luke Pollard

Mastercard, LoyaltyOne, FCB

Andrew Kinnear Yellofruit.JPG

Andrew Kinnear

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Yellofruit, Tim Hortons, OLG, HBC, Sobeys, Air Miles


Vanessa Grant

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Grant Media, Shaw


Sinead McMullen

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Rescue Foodie, Coupgon, Reel Vision


Tanvir Bhangoo

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Freshii, RBI (Tim Hortons, Burger King, Popeyes)


Amanda Veraldi

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Ontario Lottery & Gaming, Scene LP, Leo Burnett


Simon Lysnes

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Hudsons Bay, J.Crew, Anthropologie

How to Apply for Support

Email: and we'll figure out where you're at.  Typically there are some school administration requirements before you start, but we can guide you through it.


If you can build your club membership to the right size, you'll qualify for financial support for additional benefits and to fuel your cause.  

Share this page with your friends too if you think they'd be a good fit!

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