Yellofruit - Holly's Favourite Mango (8pk)

Yellofruit - Holly's Favourite Mango (8pk)

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Try the irresistible taste of YELLOFRUIT Mango Non-Dairy Frozen Banana Dessert (500 ml).Holly’s Favourite Mango is like a tropical beach vacation in your mouth. This award-winning dessert combines rich, organic Kent Mango with smooth, sweet banana to make something unique and wonderful. Made with Certified Organic ingredients in our Canadian peanut-free facility, each bite delivers an irresistible combination of flavours, and is plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free, GMO free, and Kosher.


Each case of 8 x 500ml pints is wrapped tightly in shrink plastic and can be dropped into a waiting freezer for a Yellofruit lover looking for value and quantity!

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