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For anyone unfortunate that teachers required accurate references when writing homework at school, now is the trouble!

When writing homework, students often do not refer to the text at all, but only add whatever they can think of at the end of the list of references. The problem is that in a dissertation, in a bibliography, you can only include what you refer to in the text, and nothing else! There is no other source from which information could be taken, maximum from the authors of the essay (! Sources that you have not cited may be included in a separate "Notes" heading, but this does not count.

Links to hairpins are needed, and even in the text, and not just at the end!

Let's see how!

A typical mistake that almost everyone makes is to write a chapter and put the source there by the end of the chapter. What happened to it? case study writer say that if you do this, then there will always be problems in writing an essay.

A 5th grader can do this too. This does not require higher education!

You need to compare and evaluate different sources! How?

The simplest and most universal advice for any dissertation: find more definitions for the same thing! Then look at what is common in the definitions, what are the main differences, what is broader, what is more specific, what is clearly done in terms of practice or theory. This will be your own rating! You can even make up your own definition of the same using others! Another source, more simple, is the author of the essay ( who gives a competent assessment of the essay.

This can be applied to any chapter of the dissertation. Take more literature and see what are the similarities and differences when you write about the same thing, and draw a conclusion! It will even be interesting when you yourself can write a dissertation from A to Z!

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