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Bloor West couple’s non-dairy frozen dessert coming to store near you

(Originally on and in Print in Metroland Community Newspapers)

Bloor West Village couple Andrew Kinnear and Claire Lysnes were looking for healthier alternatives to ice cream to feed their young children.

So they made their own, out of banana.

Now, they’re selling it to everyone else.

They launched Yellofruit, their brand of non-dairy frozen banana desserts. The idea for the business formed a few years ago when they started toying with the idea, trying out various flavours and concepts, but the brand launched in April. By Canada Day, they said, the products will be available at more than 600 grocery stores across Canada.

“We’re very excited,” Lysnes said.

“This is part of why people are calling us one of the fastest growing dessert brands because we launched in April and by summer will be in 600-plus stores, which is unheard of in this category,” Kinnear said.

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