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Now available at Longo's

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- Yellofruit Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts launch in Ontario Longo's grocery stores.

"We're thrilled to let you know that you can now buy our 500ml pints of Yellofruit, in all flavours, in virtually every Longo's store in Ontario." said Andrew Kinnear, President of Froba Products, makers of Yellofruit.

Kinnear continued, "We're also excited to make sure Longo's customers get a taste of Yellofruit in store so they can discover which flavour is their favourite. We'll be doing some sampling events in 2020 at a variety of locations."

Yellofruit is a plant-based frozen banana dessert, available in 3 great flavours:

Holly's Favourite Mango

Eddy's Favourite Chocolate

Monty's Favourite Strawberry

Using only Organic, Plant-based ingredients, and manufactured in a Canadian, Peanut-Free facility, Yellofruit is delicious and fun for the whole family.

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