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Wild Tea Kombucha

We're doing a super fun giveaway with Wild Tea Kombucha, another fabulous Canadian brand.

To Enter the contest, check out this page for details:

A message from WTK Co-Founders Emily Baadsvik and Brigette Freel:

Wild Tea Kombucha has been a labour of love since it's humble beginnings in 2015. From selling out of the back of our car's at local farmer's markets, to being available nationwide, we could have never done it without the amazing support from our friends, family, WTK team, and of course all of YOU! We’ve made small steps each year to become one of Canada’s premier kombucha companies! This path has been challenging, yet rewarding. While we’ve had a few hiccups along the way, the experience has become a lifelong lesson in the foundational aspects of life. We're learning how to build community, how to have meaningful relationships with our vendors and community stakeholders, and how to do business with social consciousness that extends into a greater purpose. Since day one we’ve made an effort to support community initiatives that are important to our team such as Branch Out Foundation, Veterans Food Bank, Skipping Stone Foundation, Kidsport, and many others. We recently announced on Instagram the collective actions our team is taking in solidarity with the indigenous community to show love, respect and support as Canadians living and working on Indigenous lands.

A most sincere “thank you” to everyone who has purchased our products, and for those you who dare to “stay wild’’ and include us along the way!

Visit Wild Tea Kombucha's website here:

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