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Yellofruit supports healthy forests!

From the beginning, Yellofruit has been a brand with a fun, wholesome family vibe, and an eye towards healthier, more sustainable living. We like to have fun, but we also wanted to see families feed their kids better food on a planet that can sustain us for generations to come.

We're proud to tell you this Earth Day about our packaging (of all things), and how it's SFI Certified from managed forests, and why we think that's important. By choosing SFI certification, we invest in conservation research, community engagement and environmental education.

SFI certified forests help protect millions of acres of watersheds – which means more clean water across Canada. Froba Products Ltd and the Yellofruit brand chooses SFI certified products to help conserve habitat for at-risk plant and animal species. SFI certification also ensures that working forests and their products reduce the impacts of climate change.

SFI respects Indigenous Peoples’ rights and traditional knowledge and promotes forest-focused collaboration to support certification. It also has grants that support forest-focused collaborations and partnerships that help to grow a world that values and benefits from sustainably managed forests.

In addition to healthy forests, we're also trying to curb waste within the food supply chain. The way we do our small part is by manufacturing our product with so called 'ugly fruit'-- that is fruit that may not be picture perfect for a store shelf at retail, but that makes a puree just fine. This diverts a tremendous amount of otherwise perfectly great food from the waste channel. #thinkugly

Happy Earth Day 2020 and thank you to all our partners, vendors, and customers who think, like us, that a healthy earth is the most important thing around.

Andrew and Claire

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