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People all over Canada have discovered Yellofruit.

If you want a dairy-free option, why not try one that tastes great too?

Yellofruit's alternative to traditional ice cream is unique, made with the best ingredients, and fun!


Yellofruit products are Certified Organic under the Canada Organic Regime by Ecocert Canada, and with equivalency to the USDA Organic regulations.

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Yellofruit products are Certified Vegan. That means that no ingredients we use or our processing techniques involve animals, animal by-products, or testing on animals.  Lots of animals love Yellofruit though!


No Dairy Ingredients are used in the making of Yellofruit. Instead of dairy, we use Banana puree to give Yellofruit a creamy and scoopable texture. 


Yellofruit is made in an allergen-controlled, Peanut-Free facility and we take allergies seriously.


We make Yellofruit in Ontario. Our ingredients come from all over the world, but we mix, pasteurize, pack, & freeze them here in Ontario, Canada.  


Our products are Certified KOSHER DE as they are made using Dairy Equipment


Yellofruit is an award-winning product.  We've been finalists in several international food and product awards, as well as winning the People's Choice award at the Royal Winter Fair.


The packaging we use for our cups and lids comes from a Canadian manufacturer, and they are a registered buyer of SFI-Certified materials, supporting sustainable forestry.

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What people are saying about Yellofruit...


Arashdeep Singh

Everyone loved it

Being nut-free and plant based, I bought it for kid's birthday party, and everyone loved it. With great flavors, organic ingredients and a creamy texture, it is pretty much what you need in an ice-cream scoop.

I was so pleasantly surprised at how amazing these dairy free dessert products were.  I feel good about giving them to my kids knowing that they are made with ingredients I can actually pronounce! Mango is our favourite but followed closely by strawberry and chocolate (tastes like banana bread).  Our go to frozen dessert now!


Shannon Ballard

Mango is our favourite

We LOVE strawberry and banana mango Yellofruit it is fantastic. When you can't eat ice cream at age 4 you feel left out. Yellofruit makes the kids feel like they are still having the same as everyone else. We now only buy Yellofruit. I definitely recommend this to anyone wanting a flavorful delicious treat.

Diane Benson


Delicious Treat

Our Flavours

Yellofruit Mango Render April.png
Yellofruit Strawberry.png
Yellofruit Chocolate Render April.png

Holly's favourite






Monty's favourite




Eddy's favourite


Food experts, industry trend-spotters and tens of thousands of Canadians can't be wrong! 

Finalist RCC Transparent Circle Yellofruit
People's Choice Award Winner Yellofruit Royal Winter Fair

Frequently asked questions

About the Product

What is Yellofruit?

Think of it like ice cream, but better. We use all the same fundamentals (protein, fat, sugar, solids, tiny ice crystals, air, put it pints, sell it at the grocery store--- you get the idea) but instead of using the lactations of a recently pregnant bovine (milk) we use the worlds most popular fruit; bananas! Since we want it to be like ice cream, we picked awesome flavours, put it in pints and little tubs, and made sure to keep it in the freezer.

Is it Gluten Free? Peanut Free? Dairy Free? Vegan? Fair Trade? etc...

Yes. All the best stuff. Our product is: Certified Organic by Ecocert Canada. Certified Vegan by Vegan.org. Certified Kosher by Kashruth Council of Canada (COR) Allergen Controlled for Peanuts using GMP BUT We make Yellofruit in a manufacturing facility that also makes other stuff. Stuff that could have other not-so-great ingredients, or contain ingredients that you may be allergic to. For that reason, we tell people that: Our peanut-free facility also processes dairy, eggs, soy, wheat, and sulphites. Those things aren't in our products, but they're in the facility, and it's always better to be safe than sorry!

Why is there sugar?  I thought sugar was bad now?

Everything in moderation, including moderation. Right? Instead of using Polyols (Sugar Alcohols) like Xylitol, Erithrytol or burying our sweeteners in complicated hidden language (like saying only sweetened with fruit, then having dates replace all the sugar) we opted to be a bit more transparent. We use high-quality, organic cane sugar. It does the job, and it's not processed with weird chemicals or made of fancy things, or hiding behind something else.

Who are Holly, Eddy, & Monty?  Why are these their favourites?

We're a family business, not a faceless international conglomerate. We decided to name our flavours after our three kids. These are their actual favourite flavours of Yellofruit, so we put it right on the package. Are you having more kids? How do we get more flavours? Well, our next four flavours, already in development, are named after nephew, sister, mother, and even one of us... So you'll have to wait and see how the story continues...

I looked in my store, but can't find it!?

We're often put in the NATURAL FOODS freezer with the other non-dairy products. Check there. But also, if you really can't find it, ask the manager to bring it in. Tell them you want to see Yellofruit, and you're going to buy it. Grocery Managers love to make customers happy!

About the Free Pint

Is this for real?

Yes. Have you noticed that the pandemic has made it really hard for companies to get you to try new things? We have. When you're a new brand, you need people to try, tell their friends, and buy at the grocery store. That's how we'll be successful. With out getting you to try our product, how will you fall in love and buy it again?

Where can I buy Yellofruit?

We're available across Canada, but not every store has Yellofruit yet. Use our store locator here: http://yellofruit.com/where-to-buy

My receipt was rejected. What's the deal?

One free pint per household. Per actual, real human person. We're doing our best to reduce fraud, since some people see FREE and go crazy and sign up for things multiple times. Here's the deal though--- Andrew (founder) is the one actually spending this money. Not some big public company that can afford to get ripped off, but a small family business, based here in Canada, trying to do something that benefits everyone. Because of that, he's looking at everything. Those tricks like putting the Apt. number after the address on your second contest entry, or making your postal code ALL CAPS for your second entry, or signing up for your cat and your dog and your turtle---- they won't work. We're not using some sophisticated artificial intelligence to read receipts or spot fraudulent behaviour. We're just going a little slower and reading everything and comparing. Please don't try to rip us off, otherwise we have to turn this program off and try something else.

Can I get a coupon instead?

It costs about a dollar to make and another dollar to mail a coupon. Plus we have to pay for whatever the coupon is worth, AND the company to keep track of them. With this approach, if you really want a free pint, you have to go and buy one. It costs us way less, which means we can give out way more. We're going to probably only use coupons for very specific promotions in the future. Hope you understand why we're using this approach.

Why do you need SO much information from me and my receipt?

Short answer? So we don't get ripped off. People like to use programs like these to get free things, free money, stock up--- it's like a game! Well if we want this to work, it's got to be just one per person/household.

Are you going to sell my data?

Nope. Who would we sell it to? We want you to get a free pint of Yellofruit, love it, then go and buy more. We're in the business of selling banana ice cream, not people's personal data.


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